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Steve Nelson - Proud Canadian

This site is where I document some of my life and the lives of my friends and family. I think it is important that we keep a digital record of things - but I am not willing to store my *stuff* in some cloud or social media for obvious reasons.

I have tens of thousands of pictures on this site. Some of family, some of loved ones and friends; and some pictures of the travels and diving I have done. If you have any interest you can view some of the pictures and videos that I have taken in my various travels and adventures. You can access them here. Feel free to send me any pictures you might have that show us doing stuff together and I will get them up on this site.

I have started a blog with some of the stories from my travels. I will only be using it when I travel at this point, but if you have any interest in any of my travel stories you can access my blog.

Feel free to email me or call me if you want to see some of your pictures or stories as a part of your life stories - I would be honoured to store your pictures and stories on this site.

Note also that I have a file on this site that does not allow Google or any of the other information gathering drones to capture and catalogue personal information. So anything you might wish to store on this site is not indexed to the world. (If that makes sense to you at all -- but it is important to me).